Dear Applicants!

Be aware that starting from the 10th of April 2019 the opening days of the Italian Visa Application Centre in Gomel will be Wednesday and Thursday.

Application process remains the same and requires a registration on our website to book an appointment at the submission day as stated above. Passport return will be available on the open days during the normal working hours only.

For more information please contact us.

We are looking forward to be receiving you.


Welcome to TLScontact

The TLScontact application procedure, established in conjunction with the Embassy of Italy in Minsk, aims to provide the best visa application service. We help you to prepare your visa application and assist the Embassy in processing applications in a timely manner.

The applications received by TLScontact are transferred to the Embassy of Italy in Minsk, which has the exclusive responsibility to instruct the applications and to decide to grant or deny a visa or request additional information. TLScontact is therefore not involved in the decision step of the visa application, and is not aware of its outcome as passports are returned by the Embassy of Italy in Minsk in sealed envelopes.